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Kytes provides you with an integrated platform for project planning & execution, quality metrics, project governance, risk management, knowledge management, program and portfolio management.

Fit-to-purpose Execution Methodologies

Kytes supports multiple project execution methodologies and ensure each project has the best outcomes. Further each of these methodologies offers multiple templates, artefacts, quality metrics and other configurations to ensure standardization and yet flexible for each project.

Progress driven by Quality Metrics

Define and measure key metrics like schedule variance, effort variance, defect density, rework, CSAT and so on.Any variance from the pre-defined targets will initiate a RCA and corrective actions. These quality trends can be seen as Project, Program, BU, Customer and enterprise levels.

Better Governance, Better project outcomes

Kytes provides a comprehensive framework for project governance by defining cadence for project meetings, tracking issues and action items, gates and checklists, change requests, process tailoring, audit NCs, project health and others.

Pro-active Risk Management

Kytes provides an AI driven project risk register, mitigation plan & tracking the risk till its closure to limit your liabilities. Positive risks can also be captured as these could be potential opportunities in future.

Strategy execution via Portfolio, Programs and Projects

Kytes lets you execute strategic initiatives via multiple programs and projects. One can track financials, resources and execution at project level and also at program level for executive reporting. Kytes also provides you the ability to build multiple portfolios based on different groupings of program and projects.

Continual improvement with knowledge capture

Kytes let you capture structured and un-structured knowledge, lessons learned from each project. This knowledge can then be used for future projects, enhancing the existing templates and facilitating continuous improvements.

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Productivity & Efficiency Improvement

Improved Governance and Compliances

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Customer Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

SunSure has benefited greatly in tracking sales data, project procurement planning, budgeting, and cost control. ERP has increased visibility across all the departments in the Organization. This particularly helped us in managing work during COVID times 

Manish Mehta | Sunsure

With Kytes PSA, integrated with our Oracle ERP system, we have been successful in creating an end-to-end solution covering the entire lifecycle of proposal development to project planning & execution to project closure.

Ajay Prabhu | President – Technology Services

We are using kytes for managing the Project Financials from contracting to closure. The team of kytes brought significant industry expertise best practices. With kytes we are able to eliminate excel sheets totally and manage all project financials which result in accuracy, efficiency, and institutionalized business controls.

Venkitesh S | GM – Finance & Accounts

The application has helped us in eliminating significant manual efforts in timesheet compliances & employee leave management thereby improving the employee experience within the organization. The implementation and support were well-planned and delivered.

Rohit Gambhir | Global Finance Director


Kytes Resources

Project Management FAQs

What project execution methodologies does Kytes support?

Kytes PSA supports multiple project execution methodologies, ensuring each project achieves optimal outcomes. Our platform offers various templates, artifacts, and quality metrics tailored to each methodology, providing both standardization and flexibility.

How does Kytes ensure high-quality project outcomes?

Kytes PSA employs robust quality metrics to track and measure factors like schedule variance, effort variance, defect density, and customer satisfaction (CSAT). Any deviations from set targets trigger a root cause analysis (RCA) and corrective actions, allowing trends to be monitored at multiple organizational levels.

What governance mechanisms are integrated into Kytes for project management?

Kytes PSA enhances project governance through structured project meetings, issue and action item tracking, gates and checklists, change request management, process tailoring, audit non-conformities (NCs), and overall project health assessments, thereby improving project outcomes.

How does Kytes manage project risks?

Our AI-driven project risk register assists in identifying, mitigating, and tracking risks until closure. Kytes PSA also captures potential opportunities from positive risks, providing a comprehensive approach to proactive risk management.

Can Kytes facilitate the execution of strategic initiatives across multiple projects and programs?

Kytes PSA enables the execution of strategic initiatives through robust portfolio, program, and project management tools. It allows tracking of financials, resources, and execution at both project and program levels for detailed executive reporting, supporting continual improvement and knowledge capture for future projects.

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