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Kytes helps each delivery manager & the teams to keep each of their projects financially healthy and meet target revenues and profitability.

Planned and actual financials

Kytes helps you to track your planned and actual financials on a month-on-month and YTD basis. It further provides the detail analysis to get the root of the problems and take timely corrective actions.

Supports multiple contract types

Supports industry-standard contract types, including T&M, fixed price, outcome-based, Fixed Monthly Billing (FMB), and others, facilitating seamless tracking of project financials, revenue recognition, and billing.

Digitize & track customer PO/SOW

Digitize all your SOWs using LLM driven AI. Further track all open and expired purchase orders, PO amendments, upcoming renewals, as well as billed and pending amounts. Kytes’ comprehensive SOW tracking system helps eliminate revenue leakages, reduce revenue at risk, and minimize unbilled amounts.

Track billing milestones

Configure and monitor project billing milestones, receive billing alerts, ensure on-time billing, ultimately resulting in reduced DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), and improved cash flow.

Simplify monthly book closure

Kytes offers a comprehensive revenue recognition framework embedded with industry best practices ensuring seamless recognition of revenue for various contract types. This capability empowers finance teams to accurately recognize revenue at monthly closure. By automating the revenue recognition process, from simple time card submissions to the most intricate requirements, the software eliminates reliance on error-prone spreadsheets and addresses compliance concerns effectively.

Reduced DSO by automated invoicing

Billing request can be initiate from each project at pre-defined billing cycle time or anytime after the milestone is completed. The billing content is automatically generated from underlying timesheet transactions and associated SOWs. These requests after approvals will generate invoices in the pre-defined formats or can be sent to ERP systems for final invoice generation. Kytes supports complete billing including despatch to customers and tracking receivables.

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10-20 Days

Reduction in DSO


Reduced Revenue at Risk

Customer Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

SunSure has benefited greatly in tracking sales data, project procurement planning, budgeting, and cost control. ERP has increased visibility across all the departments in the Organization. This particularly helped us in managing work during COVID times 

Manish Mehta | Sunsure

With Kytes PSA, integrated with our Oracle ERP system, we have been successful in creating an end-to-end solution covering the entire lifecycle of proposal development to project planning & execution to project closure.

Ajay Prabhu | President – Technology Services

We are using kytes for managing the Project Financials from contracting to closure. The team of kytes brought significant industry expertise best practices. With kytes we are able to eliminate excel sheets totally and manage all project financials which result in accuracy, efficiency, and institutionalized business controls.

Venkitesh S | GM – Finance & Accounts

The application has helped us in eliminating significant manual efforts in timesheet compliances & employee leave management thereby improving the employee experience within the organization. The implementation and support were well-planned and delivered.

Rohit Gambhir | Global Finance Director


Kytes Resources

Project Financials FAQs

How does Kytes help manage project financials?

Kytes PSA enables project teams to track both planned and actual financials regularly, providing detailed analyses to identify problems and take timely corrective actions. This helps in keeping each project financially healthy and achieving target revenues and profitability.

What support does Kytes offer for different contract types?

Kytes PSA supports various industry-standard contract types including Time & Materials (T&M), fixed price, outcome-based, and Fixed Monthly Billing (FMB). This flexibility facilitates seamless tracking of project financials, revenue recognition, and billing processes.

How does Kytes handle digitization and tracking of customer POs/SOWs?

Kytes PSA uses LLM-driven AI to digitize all Statements of Work (SOWs), tracking open and expired purchase orders, PO amendments, and upcoming renewals. This system helps eliminate revenue leakages and minimize unbilled amounts, ensuring comprehensive SOW tracking.

What functionalities does Kytes provide for billing and invoicing?

Kytes PSA automates the invoicing process by generating billing requests at predefined cycles or upon milestone completion. The system automatically generates invoice content from timesheet transactions and associated SOWs, facilitating reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improved cash flow.

How does Kytes streamline the monthly book closure process?

Kytes PSA offers a comprehensive revenue recognition framework embedded with industry best practices, which simplifies the monthly book closure process. By automating revenue recognition, Kytes ensures accurate financial reporting and compliance, enhancing the financial management of projects.

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