Make more winnable proposals.

Driving profitability by enhancing

Enhance forecasting capabilities and provide more Reliable Projections and Proposals

Develop precise cost and revenue estimates for budgeting, creating a detailed financial blueprint for your project to enable effective expenditure management and ensure strict adherence to the budget

Accurate Cost Estimations ​

Kytes provide spreadsheet like capability to do complete cost estimate including resource loading, hardware, software, travel and other direct and indirect cost categories. It further provide placeholder for standard cost masters, inflation rate master, currency exchange rates to create a multi-year, multi-location budget. Later, the final approved budget gets copied as ”as sold” budget for the delivery project.​

Profitability-led Revenue Guidance​

Kytes enables accurate revenue proposals based on pre-defined markups for different line items and the business model (T&M, Fixed price, Fixed-monthly billing, Outcome-based etc). It also gives the proposed cashflow based on the cost estimation.

Proposal Governance​

Kytes provide a digital approval process by different stakeholders to review aspects like margins, associated risks, etc. to make sure the proposal is meeting the minimum commercial and statutory compliances.

Automated Proposal Builder​

Kytes offers an efficient and comprehensive solution, ensuring accuracy and relevance in creating business proposals or quote templates—crucial for making impactful impressions on clients. Kytes further enables online collaboration across different functions to create comprehensive and faster proposals​.

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More Winnable Proposals

Revenue & Resource forecast from opportunity pipeline

Pricing Review Workflow


Digital Proposal Editor

Customer Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

SunSure has benefited greatly in tracking sales data, project procurement planning, budgeting, and cost control. ERP has increased visibility across all the departments in the Organization. This particularly helped us in managing work during COVID times 

Manish Mehta | Sunsure

With Kytes PSA, integrated with our Oracle ERP system, we have been successful in creating an end-to-end solution covering the entire lifecycle of proposal development to project planning & execution to project closure.

Ajay Prabhu | President – Technology Services

We are using kytes for managing the Project Financials from contracting to closure. The team of kytes brought significant industry expertise best practices. With kytes we are able to eliminate excel sheets totally and manage all project financials which result in accuracy, efficiency, and institutionalized business controls.

Venkitesh S | GM – Finance & Accounts

The application has helped us in eliminating significant manual efforts in timesheet compliances & employee leave management thereby improving the employee experience within the organization. The implementation and support were well-planned and delivered.

Rohit Gambhir | Global Finance Director


Kytes Resources

Opportunity & Estimation FAQs

How does Kytes improve cost estimation for projects?

Kytes PSA provides a spreadsheet-like capability to perform comprehensive cost estimates, including resource loading, hardware, software, travel, and other direct and indirect costs. This helps create detailed financial blueprints for effective expenditure management.

What is profitability-led revenue guidance in Kytes?

Kytes PSA enables accurate revenue proposals based on predefined markups for different line items and business models. It also provides proposed cash flow based on cost estimation, ensuring profitability-led revenue guidance.

Does Kytes ensure proposal governance?

Yes. Kytes PSA offers a digital approval process for different stakeholders to review aspects such as margins and associated risks, ensuring that proposals meet minimum commercial and statutory compliances.

What are the benefits of Kytes’ automated proposal builder?

Kytes PSA’ automated proposal builder creates accurate and relevant business proposals or quote templates quickly. It enables online collaboration across different functions, resulting in comprehensive and faster proposals.

How does Kytes enhance forecasting capabilities?

Kytes PSA improves forecasting capabilities by developing precise cost and revenue estimates for budgeting. This leads to more reliable projections and proposals, enabling effective expenditure management and strict budget adherence.

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