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What is Kytes?

Kytes is a leading enterprise project and portfolio management software that comprehensively addresses the end-to-end needs of project life cycle based on your industry, product & services, and organizational practices.

What are the core solutions offered by Kytes?

Kytes has following solutions to offer:
1. Project Management
2. Project Resource Management
3. Project Financials
4. Timesheet & Leave Management
5. Opportunity & estimation
6. Workflows & Collaborations
7. Reports & Analytics
8. Integrations with multiple ERPs, CRM and many other platforms.

Which are the industries served by Kytes?

Kytes Solutions are currently deployed by companies from diverse industries such as Professional Services, Manufacturing, Engineering, Pharma, EPC, Solar, Consulting, Financial Services, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Auto-OEMs, Suppliers to Auto-OEMs, and others.

Can kytes PSA be configured to industry needs?

The design strategy of Kytes is built on ‘configurability’ or ‘fit-to-purpose’. Configured to industry-specific needs, Kytes PSA is being used by customers globally across diverse industries. Examples include Professional Services, Pharma, EPC, Solar, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Auto-OEMs, and many more.

Can Kytes be configured to my organizational requirements?

The design strategy of ProductDossier is built on ‘configurability’ or ‘fit-to-purpose’. ProductDossier is configured to your organizational project management methodology & approaches (Predictive, Agile, Hybrid), business processes, workflows, templates, checklists, dashboards, reports, alerts & notifications, and analytics.

How secure is Kytes PSA?

Kytes PSA can be hosted:
1. On-Premises or 2. On-Cloud (Single Tenancy)

Is Kytes SMAC enabled?

Kytes PSA is designed for the contemporary professional and offers:
-Social platform
-Mobile access

What are the systems/applications that Kytes PSA can integrate with?

Kytes PSA is designed to deliver ‘one version of truth’ to management. Kytes does this through seamless integration with:
ERP – SAP, Oracle
CRM – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics
Accounting – QuickBooks, Tally
Others – Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD

How easy is Kytes for organizations to scale up?

Kytes PSA is offered as multiple modules. By doing so, organizations can easily in two ways.
1. Scale up one module at a time \
2. Scale up from a low of 10 users to 10000 users.

Can I get Kytes demo?

Unlike others, we try to offer a demo that is close to your industry and your products & services. Providing us with accurate details would enable us to create a realistic demo designed for ‘your’ organization.

Where could I get more information about the various modules & capabilities of Kytes?

We have a comprehensive section – Customer Experience Center. Here, you could browse through varied information about our modules as well as detailed capabilities through our brochures, industry case studies, client implementations, and much more! Provide link to Customer Experience Center.

How is Kytes post-go live supported?

We understand going-live is the beginning of a new journey for your organization. We lay the highest emphasis to ensure that your post-go live experience is as smooth as possible. To this end, we offer:
1. Hyper-Care: for the initial period after going live.
2. Support Portal: this is post-hyper-care

Can organizations buy only specific module(s)?

The beauty of Kytes PSA is that it is ‘modular’. You choose specific module(s) that you wish to implement for your organization. Further, in future, you may add more modules as needed.

What is Kytes pricing model

Kytes pricing is based on parameters such as the number of module(s), the number of users, hosting options, etc. We recommend that you contact us so that we could understand your needs and craft a price model that works best for you.